5 Ways A Shuttle Bus Service Enhances Your Business

5 Ways A Shuttle Bus Service Enhances Your Business

Benefits of Employee Shuttle Bus Service for Your Company

Transport management is essential because it allows people to trade and establish civilizations. Many businesses have been attempting to find innovative ways to adapt to the changing world around them, trying to find a footing in this new normal while prioritizing their employees.

Transportation has been one of the most pressing issues that workers and employers have had to address. While offices and businesses are reopening, not everyone is ready to resume their usual commuting routine. An employee shuttle would be a safer mode of transportation to protect your employees during the pandemic. Aside from these, when considering the overall benefits of corporate transportation, having an efficiently managed company shuttle service will allow the organization to improve its existing business functions and help streamline its operations. Businesses that outsource their transportation function to corporate transportation services significantly enhance their service levels.

Top Benefits of using a Shuttle Bus Service  

Many large groups or companies will provide shuttle service when visiting another city. The cause behind the event might be a trade show, a convention, or something else; travelling to and from the meeting, hotel, and airport can be inconvenient. A shuttle service is not only convenient and easy to use, but it also has environmental benefits.

Whatever your reason for hiring a shuttle service, your employees will be grateful. A shuttle service is the best solution if your primary goal is to keep your employees happy. Consider the following reasons why using a shuttle bus service is highly beneficial.

Choosing the proper shuttle management and logistics service can give your company various advantages you may not have considered. Among these benefits are the following:

1. Limit public transportation

Metros and train systems are now facing an unfortunate risk due to the pandemic. It is challenging to navigate congested commuter cars and crowded public transportation. Private buses and vans are safer to travel in because preventive measures like assigned seating for maintaining physical distance, mask-wearing, and regular temperature checks can be implemented. This will also help to have more control over the sanitizing process, putting the health of your employees first. Because employees will be travelling in groups, a shuttle will allow them to stay as close to their bubble as possible.

A corporate shuttle service furthermore provides more flexibility. Some corporate headquarters maybe challenging to reach using only public transportation. With a good shuttle service, you can personalize your itinerary with convenient pick-up points and preferred schedules, making getting to the office less hassle for your employees.

2. Fight traffic congestion

Did you know that the traffic congestion in a city is directly proportional to the city’s quality of life? Indeed, traffic congestion in congested cities such as Bangalore consumes hours of the average person’s day. It’s natural to wonder how we can improve long-standing issues like traffic as we all try to find our way in a post-COVID world. Employee shuttles reduce the number of vehicles on the road, lowering the likelihood of bottlenecks.

Avoiding daily traffic can also provide some health benefits. In studies, driving in congested areas has been shown to aggravate stress and high blood pressure. Giving employees the option of not having to worry about going to work and instead allowing them to sit back, relax, and know they’ll arrive on time can help relieve stress and anxiety.

3. Increase employee productivity

While remote work has made us reconsider workplace realities, some employees may prefer to keep their personal and professional lives separate. Returning to the office, and keeping a job at work and away from home, is one way to maintain those boundaries. Offering a shuttle service for employees who prefer to return in person may increase worker efficiency. A simple and secure way to get to work may improve overall employee satisfaction, which has been shown to increase productivity.

Employees who prefer to stay connected can start their day before they even arrive at work. A company shuttle, which includes WiFi and power outlets on request, allows your employees to organize on-the-go meetings, follow up on emails, and review any notes or to-do lists while sitting comfortably in reclinable seats.

4. Attract recruits and boost employee brand

Attracting top talent is difficult. Most hiring managers will concur on this point. Workplace perks, on the other hand, can significantly impact the success of your recruiting campaign. In today’s world, providing a service like a private employee shuttle sends a strong message to prospective employees. It not only shows that you take COVID-19 precautions seriously, but it also shows that you care about your team’s convenience and comfort.

Commuting is an essential component of an employee’s daily routine. Their daily commute is frequently a factor in their decision to join a company. If there is an option to take that off their hands by offering a substantial transportation solution that doesn’t have to come out of their budget, you’re bound to win over some recruits.

5. Create opportunities for team building

If people from different teams within a company are not working directly together on a project, they may have fewer opportunities to meet their colleagues. Creating a shuttle service provides new opportunities for employee networking and bonding, allowing them to know one another on a more personal level. Nothing brings people together like friendly banter. Maybe some new business ideas will come out of those discussions as well!

While an employee shuttle may not be how you envisioned moving your business forward, implementing such a service will positively impact the areas that truly matter — your employee’s well-being, the environment, and your bottom line.

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