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Buying An Electric Vehicle? Important Points To Remember

Nobody could have imagined 50 years ago that electricity would become a viable fuel for transportation. Today, we find ourselves in a world where the transportation sector is gradually shifting towards electric vehicles (EVs). EVs represent the most trendy and useful innovations of recent times. Research indicates that there are approximately 1.4 billion vehicles on Earth, and just imagine the extent of pollution these vehicles are contributing to. Transitioning to EVs can undoubtedly lead to a positive environmental impact. However, before deciding to purchase an EV, we have compiled a list of essential factors you must consider.

This article discusses key checkpoints that you should be aware of and understand if you are interested in buying an electric vehicle for yourself.

Checkpoints Before Buying An EV

1.Understand The Price Point:

As electric vehicles rely entirely on batteries and circuits, the utilization of premium-grade semiconductors has contributed to their higher price range. If you are contemplating the purchase of a basic electric vehicle (EV) in India, it may cost you approximately 600,000 rupees. In contrast, conventional vehicles running on fuel can be acquired at a comparatively lower price point, offering improved specifications. While EVs are hailed for their environmental friendliness, they are often not as budget-friendly. However, it is worth noting that electricity costs less than petrol or diesel fuel.

2.Subsidies And Tax Benefits:

If you are residing in India and considering purchasing a vehicle primarily for your daily commute to the office, it’s important to be aware of the additional allowances and subsidies offered by the government specifically for electric vehicles (EVs). It is highly recommended to explore various schemes, incentives, and tax benefits available, including reduced service tax (GST), which can significantly enhance the advantages of buying an EV.

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3.Software Updates Are Indeed Important!:

Electric vehicles operate using coded programs and software. Regular software upgrades are necessary for users to maintain their vehicle’s performance and functionality and keep it up to date without any problems. Certain manufacturers offer free software upgrades as part of their after-sales services, while others may require a fee. 

Therefore, it is crucial to assess the manufacturer’s software upgrade strategy before purchasing an electric vehicle to make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and preferences. Additionally, keeping your EV up to date can prolong the lifespan of its components and ensure optimal performance.

4.Check Specifications:

When purchasing an electric vehicle, it is important to consider certain specifications to meet your driving needs. These specifications include the type of electric motor, battery capacity, wheel RPM, distance covered per charge, and maximum load capacity. It is crucial to choose an electric vehicle that matches your specific requirements in terms of driving distance, speed, and the environment you’ll be driving in. 

Opting for an electric vehicle that lacks power may pose challenges when traveling long distances or navigating hilly terrains. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly assess the technical parameters of an electric vehicle before making a purchase.

5.Driving Range & Warranty of Battery:

When purchasing an electric vehicle (EV), it’s important to prioritize the mileage or driving range. Manufacturers usually provide an estimated driving range, but it’s crucial to verify this information through user reviews for a better understanding of the product. Ideally, an electric car should have a driving range of at least 100 km, which is sufficient for most daily commutes. 

However, if you frequently travel longer distances, it’s advisable to invest in a high-end electric vehicle that can cover more than 400 kilometers on a single charge. Additionally, considering the battery life and warranty is essential to ensure the longevity of the vehicle.


We believe you’ll find this article both educational and engaging. Here, we discuss important considerations to bear in mind when buying an electric vehicle. Electric vehicles offer numerous advantages that can benefit anyone, depending on their preferences and requirements. Whether you’re a commuter or seeking transportation services in Bangalore, Karunadu offers a wide range of vehicles to suit every need. For more information on our services, please visit our website

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