Car Cleaning Hacks

Car Cleaning Hacks

Get into the corners

Get into the corners

While cleaning the car many of us just forget to clean at the corners because we don’t notice them but it’s the place where most of the dirt sits. So get into the corners so as to clean the car completely & make sure you use the right tools to clean

Use the right cleaning products

Don’t use just any cleaning products to polish those seats or to clean any other things on the car you specific products to clean the car so you don’t and up in messing the look or the quality of the car. Do some research about the products used to clean the car & go ahead with the right product.

Clean interior windrows

Many people who are in car needs to clean the windows because the vision is important when you are riding a car. Unclear window means bad vision leading to accidents which none of us want it to happen

Use a deodorizer

When People travel in cars some of them feel uncomfortable with the smell. It’s the majority cases of all cars across the world. So take a deodorizer and start spraying from a distance of 15 cm on the seats, car mats & where all the human make contact so as to avoid the bad smell. By doing this the smell is saturated but does not completely gone

Hose down floor mats

After travelling in a car many of us don’t see the dirt on the foot wears we casually get in, but you are supposed to clean it before you get inside or put some floor mats so your interior are good & you can clean them every often to keep clean

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