Common Issues With Employee Transportation and how to deal with it

Common Issues With Employee Transportation and how to deal with it

Every corporate personnel must have gone through some common issues with employee transportation, especially in metro cities of India. There is a much need for some sorted companies which will provide smart employee transportation management services, especially in those cities or places which face the maximum rush and India having a population of 130 crores, is blessed with numerous such zones.

Common Issues With Employee Transportation Services In Major Cities  

When the city of Bangalore started to develop, no one ever thought it to become the hub of the majority of start-ups, ITs, and corporations. Slowly it formed as the silicon valley of India. With this unexpected development, Bangalore saw a massive rise in its population due to mass migration. This is not only a lot but also an increase in the building of educational institutes in the city. As a result, there are job seekers and students who have started to move into this city. Even job seekers from big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, etc., began to find a new address in Bangalore as all the headquarters of big and foreign companies in India got their establishment in Bangalore. These created significant demand in various sectors in the market of Bangalore. One of such sectors is employee transportation services.

When the office goers started to increase, the demand for public or private vehicles also saw a good surge. As a result, there started lots of chaos and traffic jams on the roads of Bangalore. India is a third-world country which implies the economic condition is poor; money is confined in the hands of few only in the country while having a population of 130 crores. That means that very few can afford a private vehicle. The majority of these people will rely on public transport only. But again the challenge is public transport is also limited and less frequent and barely punctual, which cannot be relied upon significantly when the number of office goers increases.

We started our company, Karunadu, employee transportation services, which has employee transportation problems and solutions, to meet the supply of the much-needed services for the regular office goers to commute freely.

We, Karunadu, the employee transportation service, categorically found the different employee transportation problems of other cities and their respective solutions.

Employee Transportation Problems – Common Challenges With Employee Transportation  

Parking problem

If office goers choose to take their vehicle while reaching the office, a big concern could be the vehicle’s parking, especially in the metro cities where hardly any space is available for vehicles and even for people.

Work Commuting Cost

If not a private car, the other option available is public transport. Transport could indeed be a cheap option at times, but the reverse could also be possible, especially in Mumbai and Bangalore. Depending on the place, the commuting cost can increase at times with public transport.

Long Route

Public buses and autos will go by their scheduled road, which also can be inconvenient for the employees who will have a definite time to reach offices.

Availability Problem

There also can be availability problems of public buses and autos depending on the seasons and festivals and occasions. This is a substantial uncertain factor for the employees.

Unsafe During a Pandemic  

During covid, demands social distancing, and it cannot be practiced In public buses, trains, and autos. Rightly, the government imposed a percentage of public capacity in all these transports.

Uncertain Commute During Weekends

Many buses and autos do not follow regular frequencies of commuting during weekends. Still, many offices conduct an ordinary course of action on Saturday and at times on Sundays as well. As a result, there can be a wide gap between the demand for transport, number of employees and the actual availability of these transport.

Unavailability of Online Payment Services  

Digitalization is prevailing in India. Gradually people prefer digital payment as it is more convenient for the public to use, especially in urban areas. With covid19, it is more recommended not to have money which has traveled through many hands. Real cash is getting replaced by digital money, and it’s not that fit for public transport.

Karunadu, an employee transportation service, has a detailed identification of all these problems, and the solutions.

What Are The Optimized Solutions For Employees Transportation Problems?    

We, Karunadu, employee transportation services, always promise to choose the most optimum route keeping into account the punctuality of our customers. We use google recommended routes that have the best traffic coverage and other availability of ways. We always choose the most efficient route by computing road mobility.

With real-time location data, the customer can see the vehicle’s availability based on routes and can track live their booked taxi. With automated pick-up and drop facilities, with digital bills, which have all the necessary credentials, car number to driver details to proper breakage of the bill. We also follow the government guidelines for covid19 which is the need of the hour. Moreover, we are dedicated to our passenger safety and have curated policies based on the same. Also check out instagram page to know more about us.

Final Thoughts!  

To ensure it, Karunadu Services, employee transportation solutions services, has all the certified drivers to implement our customer safety policies properly. With all these, Karunadu, an employee transportation service company, is the best for daily travel of the employees to their safety and punctuality in Bangalore. These were just a few of the issues that we’ve noticed. If we missed anything let us know in the comments below!

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