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Corporate airport taxi services Trends – 2023

We have entered 2023, and today about 500 to 800 flights take off from one normal-sized airport. Air travel is becoming more casual for people because it saves them a lot of time. 

Have you ever imagined how many corporate airport taxis are used? 

The approximate number of people using corporate airport taxi services in India on a daily basis is about 15000 for one airport. This number is crazy right! It has become a trend of hiring airport taxis  to go to the airports.

Even today, some cities do not have these kinds of services, whereas the demand pool is extremely high throughout the country.

Hence, in this article, we are here to list down the latest trends in airport taxi services which help people while travelling to airports.

Latest Trends in Airport Taxi Services in Indian Cities

Technology has always been a game changer for every business. Here is how technology has enhanced the transport industry:

Real-Time Tracking Of Airport Taxis In Bangalore 

Companies that provide cabs for airports have started using technologies to track the real-time movements of each of their taxis. It allows them to provide right assistance to their customers. So, customers feels safer while travelling. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cabs for the Airport in Bangalore 

Artificial is one of the trendy technologies that is changing every sector. With the help of AI,  airport taxi services are starting to understand which routes are the best to take, to reach their destination faster. Moreover, there are various other applications of AI which are helping the transport industry very much. 


Chatbot is one of the most interactive and beneficial functionalities that nearly every business is using. The application of chatbots in websites and mobile applications enable customers and companies to talk in real-time at mass to provide the best airport taxi services in Bangalore. Not only that it helps to generate leads for companies, book the ride, answer FAQs, and many more. 

Voice Recognition System To Book Airport taxi services 

Now it is not required to touch your mobile to book your ride! Voice Recognition is allowing every single person to use and understand technology even more better. With the help of voice recognition systems in the applications, transport companies help their customers to book their Airport taxi services just through the voice. 

Contactless Payments 

Another trend that we can see right after COVID-19 is contactless payment. The digitization of payment while travelling has grown immensely, as there are risks involved when we make cash payments. 

This has helped commuters and eliminated the headache of carrying cash in their pockets. More and more taxi drivers and employee transportation service companies allow their customers to make their payments online, which is a good move.

Fast Mobility Service 

It is always a hassle to travel to and from airports at odd times. Moreover, the availability of vehicles is always a major problem. To tackle this problem, companies like Karunadu Services offer cabs for airport transportations services. You can book your vehicle while going to the airport or for pickup priorly. This makes your travel very convenient. 

Use Of Electric Vehicles For Airport Taxi In Bangalore

It has been recently since the public has been introduced to electric vehicles. Although the initial cost of these electric vehicles is on the high side, their usage is extremely beneficial in the long run. Hence, most of the car and taxi rental services have opted for and switched to EVs. Not only that, EVs are considered better options for the environment.

Karunadu Services Adopted EVs 

On a mission to serve as a corporate airport taxi service and keep our nature healthy, Karunadu Services has recently launched a 100-EV fleet to serve the transport industry.


Hundreds of corporate airport transportation services are available all over India. Bangalore people can avail of the best airport taxi services in Bangalore that are more reliable and schedule-oriented transportation. 

Moreover, these trends are all across the world. These trends are more or less facilitating the taxi service companies as more people are getting aware of taxi booking services on the phone. 

Karunadu Services is one of the leading airport transportation service-providing companies in Bangalore. They also provide various transportation services. Check out the official website to know more!


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