Corporate Employee Transportation Management Trends For 2022

Corporate Employee Transportation Management Trends For 2022

2022 marks the rise of another trend: the transport service for employees in the corporate sector. The trend of corporate employee transport started much before 2022. Still, with the advent of this year, this service became very popular due to the coming of a series of variants of coronavirus, plus the offices getting opened and commencing work as the previous pattern.

Corporate Employee Transportation Management Companies Trends For 2022 in Bangalore

Karunadu Services saw all the critical changes and prevailing conditions. Taking all these key factors into notice, it developed the module, which emerged as the best and most reliable corporate transport services company in Bangalore.

Karunadu And Its Employee Transportation Goals!

Bangalore emerged as the silicon valley and the startup capital of India. With rising offices, the numbers of office goers also kept increasing. People from different states are shifting to Bangalore as it offers the most jobs in India. Now Bangalore is a big and second most costly city in India, and for the same reason, migrants feel they fail to afford rental houses in the main city. As a result, they tend to find a place on the outskirts. With this, the challenge comes of traveling to the office, which is far away from the home they dwell in. In the private sector, it is a 9 hour-shift that they need to put in, which is itself considerably exhausting. After that, if there is a challenge of traveling to a distant place, the whole process will be pretty draining. Plus, again, they need to travel back to their location. This, as a result, also affects the energy and the productivity of the employees. So, it is seen with time, and they are looking for employee transport services that will save not only their time but also much of their energy on traveling.

Karunadu services Pvt ltd comes to a rescue in this matter. We are one of the pioneers in providing employee transport services with an end-to-end solution management system.

Why Karunadu’s Employee Transportation Services?

With the rising demand for employee transport services, many companies and startups are emerging that cater to this sector in Bangalore. But Karunadu employee transport services stand different and much above that.

They are:-

Corporate Taxi For Employee’s Workplace

We hire a wide range of customers from individual clients like BPO, IT, etc. companies provide them with the most trustworthy transportation services. We help them by providing professionally managed taxis and delivering a complete functional solution from online roasting, automated routing, tracking to bill, deployment, etc. We try to make the daily commute of these people safe and punctual.

24*7  Team Support 

Starting from driver issues to vehicle breakdowns to any kind of driver customer disputes, the forever alert team of Karunadu employee services will be there 24/7 for each customer and even company employees are in the most efficient way possible.

Safe Employee Transportation

With modernization, there is a rising rate of crime, or in another way, criminal cases are reaching us due to modernization. Whatever the case, Karunadu service has passenger safety as the top priority with safety policies that change with requirements. Our assurance, assistance, and monitoring will always be there to ensure safe employee transportation.

Certified Drivers

We will provide our customers with the most authentic and certified drivers, ensuring passengers’ safety and keeping in mind the target timing.

Automated Billing

With all the credentials, a bill will be generated, which will give a clear and concise idea to the customer about the details of the driver and the car that is used for traveling and, of course, the amount incurred by the customer.

Automated Safe Drop Confirmation

Providing one of the best drivers and enduring the best technology for staff transportation. Our employee transportation services will take care of all the safety policies during the trip execution.

Employee Shuttle Services

We are an employee transportation management company that notices our customer’s interest. A usual trend has been seen among all the office goers is to cut down on traveling expenses with time. So we, as a corporate employee transportation service provider, introduced shuttle services which will solve both the problems.

Rentals For Local and Outstation Services 

Karunadu, as an employee transportation management company, is restricted to the main parts of Bangalore and the outskirts, local /outstation travels of the customers will be taken care of by us with the most cost-efficient in town.

Karunadu Services hence promises to deliver sound, convenient, reliable, and safe employee transportation with many other transportation services, which follow the government imposed safety covid 19 rules and ensures the convenience and satisfaction of the customers. So, let’s take the joy of a real-time ride by Karunadu services.

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