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Employee Shuttle Services Trends—2023

Are you planning to open your office for work from office mode?  Do you need to facilitate your employees’ transportation at minimum cost? Then you can avail Employee shuttle services in Bangalore. This service is specially created to simplify the daily travel of employees to move office and back to home. Employee shuttle service providers like Karunadu, plan the route and design the service by considering the convenience of both companies and employees. 

How Employee Shuttle Service Works? 

To provide a Employee shuttle service to their employees, the companies need to find the right service provider like Karunadu and plan a route as per the strength of employees. Then, they will arrange a common pick up and drop spots to serve for many employees in a single stretch.  

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Latest Trends In Shuttle Services In Bangalore 

1.Real-Time Tracking 

To track the buses, now we are providing native apps on their phones. So that the employees and the companies can track the location of the bus in real-time.

2.Fleet Vehicles

Shuttle Services are now introducing a many fleet vehicles for employee transportation. This helps the employees commute to their offices conveniently and serves many employees. 

3.Mobile Application for Shuttle Services In Bangalore

To avail Shuttle services in bangalore, many service providers are offering mobile applications to simplify the registration process. You can add the list of new employees with their destinations in that app for opting the exclusive service. 

7 Reasons To Choose Employee shuttle services

1.Increase employee’s productivity

By choosing employee shuttle services, employees can think about their work rather than the traffic, vehicle and modes of reaching their office. Hence, a hassle-free mode of transportation to the office makes the employees more productive. 

2.Maintain Punctuality 

Employee Shuttle Services priorly schedule the timings and spot the pickup and drop of the employees. It allows the employees to reach the office at the right time. Further, it allows all the employees to start and complete the work on time. 

3.Cost Effective Services

Rather than giving a travel allowance to your employee, the companies can opt for Employee Shuttle Services. This will be a profitable move for both employees and companies. And hence it is always a win-win situation for employees and companies. 

4.Helps in team building

When many employees travel together in the same vehicle to the same office through Employee Shuttle Services, it allows them to build a network and create a good office environment. 

5.Reduces the traffic congestion 

Imagine if 50 employees are travelling in the same bus, it will occupy the area of only one bus. If each brings a car, it will occupy more area and bring out more traffic. 

Even while travelling to the airports, people can avail airport transportation services to reduce the traffic. 

6.To Facilitate Your Employees

One of the significant problems for employees while joining a job is commuting to the office. Because long distance travel on a daily basis makes them tired and stressed. If companies offer shuttle services for employees’ travel convenience, then employees can have hassle free transportations. 

7.Help the environment

When people take their personal vehicle or taxi to commute to the office, it creates traffic congestion, and the air pollution. But when you opt for these services, it will drastically reduce the pollution. 


We hope you have liked this article, where we talk about the trends of Employee shuttle services and why companies and employees should opt for them. Karunadu Service offers employee transportation services that reduces your employee’s travel burden. You can also try our Airport taxi service for hassle free onboarding. 

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