Employee Transportation Industry Trends In 2022

Employee Transportation Industry Trends In 2022

Key Employee Transportation Industry Trends In 2022.   

2020 has been the most unforgettable year in everyone’s life. We have experienced things we might haven’t thought would happen in our imagination. Covid-19 has affected everyone’s life in a certain way. The same goes for the market. At the beginning of the year, no one would have imagined such a significant drop in commuter traffic. Well, that is what exactly happened when the world was at the pandemic’s peak. As most companies adopted the work-from-home model, there was less or no transportation during the period.

With most of the population fully vaccinated, things are finally returning to normal. Thus, given this year, the return of work from the office model is another massive change. However, the precautions will stay intact as covid 19 has shown us a new way of living. The pandemic era has drastically changed our lifestyle as we become more conscious about our health and safety measures. This made people avoid traveling on public transport. Hence, employee transportation services came into the picture. The industry started gaining popularity as people became aware of the benefits provided by employee transportation providers, such as reduced time and effort to reach the workplace. Apart from this, their prices are also affordable. Well, that is just one side of the story. More reasons led to the growth of the transportation industry in India.

Well, if you are someone in the transportation industry and want to know about current trends in the industry, or you are a company looking for employee transportation services in Bangalore, don’t worry; Karunadu Services are here to back you up! Take your seat, hold a cup of coffee and keep reading the blog. We will endow you with the most fantastic market trends in the transportation industry.

What’s in the transportation industry store this year?

1. The workplace resurgence, but in a different way!  

Keeping the first things first. The pandemic years have been a live example of the lack of employee transportation that industries went through. Offices were closed, and people switched to work from home mode. Pick up any newspaper, and you’ll see how people are in love with working from home. However, deep down, everyone knows that working from home will not stay the same once the situation improves. Neither will it be the only show in town! It means that people will work from the office for a few days and the rest will work from home. Hence, this will change the scope of work for many transport-demanding professionals. It’s going to become an unpredictable journey.

2. Flexibility will be the new priority.

Earlier, employee transportation management was all about changing predictable journey patterns. It was pretty easy back then to figure out the percentage of staff driving to work daily. This was very advantageous. Companies were also well aware of the parking space needed to avoid the chaos regularly. It was easier for the transport pros to measure whether the mobility in initiatives were working or not.

Although, this all changed in a blink! The predictability is now out of the window. Managing such enhanced fluidity will be a massive challenge for transport individuals. Thus, making it a real defining moment for employee transformation software.

Moreover, the solutions to automate parking and commuter tracking will increase in popularity. This enables companies to make sure their employees reach work safely and reasonably.

3. Your employees’ parking data is another crucial thing.

Be it real estate professionals or facilities, all of them are scrambling around one question; How much office space will be needed? Do you know what the most visionary companies are doing? Well, they are escorting hot-desking software. It helps to accord them with the data to carry out this decision. After all, no company wants to get themselves in an expensive situation where they want to get rid of too much space.

The same goes with the parking. Not many people realize how expensive parking spaces are. Therefore, having empty spaces in office parking is a total waste of resources. Transportation industry analysis has become a necessity. Hence, companies will indeed embrace parking management software to frame all downsizing decisions.  

4. Guess who will make a comeback- The Public Transport!

The Public transportation industry has faced a major decline in the covid era. A survey stated that less than 10% of the population felt safe taking public transport for work. Also, people working from home are contributing to decreasing commuter volume. Even when companies began careers from the office, it was challenging to restore confidence among people. Extreme hygiene precautions, cashless payments, etc., are some of the basic features of the public transportation industry in India.

5. Bounce-back will benefit micro-mobility!

That one segment whose growth was majorly impacted by the pandemic was micro-mobility. Scooters, electronic bikes, etc., were exploding at their best put covid I put a pause on that too! With a decline in public transportation usage and people working from home, the expected boom in the industry failed to flourish.  

As everything is returning to normal and companies are switching back to work from the office, you might see streets zipped with electric scooters running around. Thus, we can again expect this segment to shine out in the dark.

6. Carpooling- the biggest loser of the pandemic?

Over the years, almost every company has tried to apply its tech nous to mainstream carpooling. There was indeed some success in the pre-covid era. However, carpooling doesn’t seem to go anywhere now. It is expected to feel a post-covid pinch. It is because, to succeed, carpooling requires many predictable journeys.

However, introducing blended working patterns will indeed reduce the pool of potential carpoolers. Therefore, we will be seeing a reduction in car pool journeys as a mobility mix.

Wrapping it all up!

So, we are already at the end of our blog! I hope we have been successful in giving you all the information you might be seeking. Till now, you must have gained enough knowledge about trends that are going on in the transportation sector. If you are looking for the best employee transportation services in Bangalore, Karunadu Services is indeed a one-stop destination for you. For more information, feel free to stalk our website and social media!

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