How Employee Shuttle Service Can Enhance Your Business Growth

How Employee Shuttle Service Can Enhance Your Business Growth

With the uncertainties brought on by COVID, aspects of our daily lives, even those that were previously ingrained in our routines, have changed. The future of work is one of the issues that has impacted us most. Many businesses have been attempting to find innovative ways to adapt to the changing world around them, finding a footing while prioritizing their employees in this new normal.

Importance Of Implementing Shuttle Services For Employees

One of the most critical concerns that workers and employers have had to deal with is transportation. While offices and businesses are reopening, not everyone may feel comfortable returning to their usual commuting routine. A safer transit alternative to protect your employees during the pandemic would be to organize an employee shuttle. This article will explain why implementing a shuttle service for employees is a good idea for your company to help you decide whether it is a good idea.

1. Limit public transportation  

Post the pandemic, metros, and train systems now pose an unfortunate risk. Congested commuter cars and crowded public transportation are challenging to navigate. It is safer to travel by private buses and vans, where precautionary measures such as assigned seating to maintain physical distance, mask-wearing, and contactless temperature checks can be implemented. You’ll also have more control over the sanitizing process, first putting your employees’ health first. Because employees will be travelling with the same group of people, a shuttle will allow them to stay close to their bubble.

A corporate shuttle service also allows for greater flexibility. Some headquarters may be challenging to reach by public transportation alone. You can personalize your itinerary with convenient pick-up points and preferred schedules with a shuttle service, making going to the office less of a hassle for your employees.

2. Fight congestion traffic   

Did you know? In a city, is the amount of traffic congestion mainly related to the quality of life in that city? In fact, traffic congestion in congested cities like Bangalore takes hours out of the average person’s day. As we all attempt to navigate a post-COVID world, it’s natural to consider how we can improve long-standing issues like traffic. Employee shuttles reduce the number of vehicles on the road, lowering the likelihood of bottlenecks.

Specific health benefits can also be associated with avoiding daily traffic. Driving in congested areas has been shown in studies to aggravate stress and high blood pressure. Giving employees the option of not worrying about going into the office while they can sit back, relax, and know they’ll arrive on time can help relieve stress and anxiety.

3. Facilitate travel between buildings  

Employees may find it difficult to travel between locations if your company has a larger campus or multiple buildings that house different departments, especially if they have to navigate independently. Significant time is lost between moving their parked cars and walking longer distances. Some businesses also have limited parking spaces and benefit significantly from an employee shuttle. Finding solutions to accommodate an increasing number of employees is part of a company’s growing pains, instead of exorbitant costs for purchasing additional land and expanding their parking lot space. In the long run, shuttle service is an investment that can help keep corporate expenses low.

4. Become eligible for tax cuts  

Offering an employee shuttle service as part of their commuting benefits may help businesses save money. In some areas, the federal government has provided companies tax breaks for giving transit solutions to their employees — mainly if the company is small.

5. Increase employee productivity  

While remote work has caused us to reconsider the realities of the workplace, some employees prefer to keep their professional and personal lives separate. One way to maintain those boundaries is to return to the office, keeping work at work and away from home. Offering shuttle service to employees who want to return in person may increase worker efficiency. To increase productivity levels, having an easy and secure accessway to get to work may augment overall employee satisfaction, which has been proven.

Employees who prefer to stay connected can begin their day before even arriving at the office. With WiFi and power outlets available upon request, a company shuttle allows your staff to follow up on emails, organize meetings, and review any notes or to-do lists — all while sitting comfortably in reclinable seats.

6. Attract recruits and boost employee brand  

It is difficult to attract top talent. That is something that most hiring managers will agree on. However, workplace perks can significantly impact the success of your recruiting campaign. Offering a service like a private employee shuttle sends a strong message to prospective employees in today’s world. It demonstrates that you take COVID-19 precautions seriously, but it also indicates that you care about the convenience and comfort of your team.

Commuting is an essential part of an employee’s daily routine. What their daily commute will be like is often one of the deciding factors in their decision to join a company. You’re bound to win over some recruits if you can take that off their hands by offering an employee transportation solution that doesn’t have to come out of their budget. Set up a shuttle route with regular loops between locations to make it easier for your staff to get where they need to go.

7. Help the environment  

With limited use of public transportation due to health and safety concerns, the most viable and environmentally friendly option is to travel by employee shuttle. The latter is still an effective way to continue caring for Mother Earth after the pandemic.

Companies can reduce their carbon footprint by requiring employees to travel in a single, convenient vehicle rather than driving in their cars. You can help reduce toxic greenhouse emissions by reducing the number of individual cars your employees go to work. Charter bus transportation emits significantly less CO2 than all other forms of group travel combined.

8. Create opportunities for team building  

Employees from different teams within a company may have limited opportunities to meet their colleagues if they are not working directly together on a project. Establishing a shuttle service opens up new avenues for employee networking and bonding, allowing employees to know one another personally. Nothing brings people together like a little informal chit-chat. Perhaps some new business ideas will emerge from those discussions as well!

While employee shuttle services may not be the best way that you were envisioning to move your business forward. Implementing this service will have a resoundingly positive impact on the areas that truly matter — your employee’s well-being, the environment, and your bottom line.

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