Navigating The Road Ahead For Corporate Employee Transportation Services In India

Navigating The Road Ahead For Corporate Employee Transportation Services In India

Endowing your employees with transportation services is emerging as a trend nowadays. To lift the morale and safety of your employees, workforce travel is working as a boon for tons of companies. A good company always bestows its employees with an excellent work culture. Therefore, employees’ transportation services are considered part of the amazing work culture. Along with this, it is beneficial for the employees. However, numerous companies are worried about the operations related to managing schedules and costs. It might be possible that your staff come at different timings. Here, the employee transport management system comes into the picture.

Navigating The Road Ahead For Corporate Employee Transportation Services in 2022  

So, let’s dive in to more about corporate employee transportation more without wasting a second.

Trends In The Corporate Employee Transportation Services   

A lot of employers manage employee travel services in their way. Apart from the ongoing practices, they have to deal with the various challenges due to covid-19. Safe travel and social distancing become the new normal, exterminating what was familiar. This brings a drastic change in the Well; let’s look at some notable corporate employee transportation trends that are going on around the corner!

1. Safety Is The Topmost Priority  

Safe travel has become the necessity of almost every individual. People are becoming more conscious than ever about the safety hazards while travelling. The safety measures are not limited to the roads, but businesses are also forced to consider the health and hygiene segment. The employee commute is becoming undoubtedly demanding. The vehicle must be sanitized, and passengers must be limited to maintain proper social distancing; sanitizing facilities should enhance safety. On the other hand, employers are already working around the clock. To ensure the maximum protection of their employees while traveling.

2. A Broad Level Of Flexibility  

None of us ever thought we’d stay back in our homes and fear going out. One cannot predict anything in life. It is beyond our control. Similarly, you cannot expect the pickup locations of your employees. Some days your employees may want to get picked up from a different location, or something else can come up. Hence, ruining your pre-planned route. Therefore, employers nowadays are staying ahead of the circumstances with excellent corporate transport services to meet these unpredictable changes. We at Karunadu services have professional drivers that are well trained to take all the necessary protocols to ensure the complete safety of our employees.

3. Commuting Smartly  

Just like any other segment, transportation management solutions are opening new doors of possibilities, and they are turning employees’ commute into an intelligent model for business operation. Reaching your office has become as easy as booking a cab from your mobile! With the advancement in employee transportation solutions, you can quickly get instant notifications, tracking services, and many more! Finding these perks is nearly impossible in the traditional employee transportation model. If you are searching for such exceptional transportation solutions, Karunadu Services has your back! We are ready to equip you with such marvelous transportation services at all hours.

4. Stepping Towards A Clean And Green Planet  

Sustainable employee transportation is becoming the new trend. The way your employees might travel to the office will directly reduce our impact on the planet. The fewer vehicles they’ll use, the more your organization will contribute towards a clean and green planet! As an employer, you can still work on providing extra benefits like incentives to maintain a low emission vehicle, offering travel coupons and similar allowances, encouraging travel, etc.  

Challenges Encountered By The Business While Managing The Corporate Employee Transportation   

1. Planning For The Route  

The most strenuous task is planning the route. Well, if you are an employer and want to bestow your employees with corporate employee transportation service, then you might face challenges such as-

a) Pickup time and locations.

b) Drivers availability

c) Assigning routes to driver

These are some of the tasks you have to go through. However, if you are going to look after these tasks, it might affect your mainstream business. Still, you don’t have to be worried. Karunadu services will remove all your worries about corporate transportation challenges and help you with employee transport management.

2. Driving Unessential    

Inappropriate planning may lead your fleet to time-taking routes and cost you some extra miles. Additionally, your driver will waste the vehicle’s fuel and make your workers report late in the office. The most common cause for the same is a new driver or new pickup location. To avoid this, you should hire a professional corporate employee transportation company.

3. Increased Cost      

So, by now you are very well aware of the challenges faced by the company in providing transport for employees. Although, it will uplift your cost and wastage of resources too. Additionally, if your driver is driving un-essentially, you will burn more fuel. In a nutshell, inappropriate management will become a hurdle in the smooth sailing of your business. So if you are looking for one of the best employee transport management systems, you hit the right spot at the right time. Karunadu services can be the perfect solution for you and keep you ahead of the pack.

Let’s Explore The Benefits Of Having Employee Transportation Management Technology 

Like any other company, you can also leverage the technology to overcome the challenges you face in transportation management. The transport management system for the employees is on the right path to creating the best commuting experience. This technology will help you out with managing the routes and fleet.

1. Real-Time Planning Operation  

It will allow you to plan your routes using GPS. The only thing you have to provide is the data pick up and drop locations time and automate the process. It will also accord you with the real-time monitoring of traffic and let you know the best routes for your driver.

2. Live Tracking Mobility  

GPS can be a boon for you if you are in corporate transport services. You can track all the vehicles in your fleet. Apart from this, you can see the routes taken by your vehicle. Live Tracking ensures safety for the employees. Using a live tracking system, you can send notifications if any vehicle goes out of the planned route.

Why Companies In Need Of Employee Transportation Management Services?  

1. Reduce Costs    

With the advent of technology in the corporate transportation employee, the cost of maintaining your fleet comes down. Let’s see how you save your cost price.

a) End of needless driving.

b) Distance saved by the drivers by taking the shortest route.

c) Now, you can track fuel and usage.

If you are also the one who is looking for a company that can manage all these tasks for you, then hit the right spot Karunadu services will help you out with the smooth sailing of your corporate transportation services.

2. Improve Management   

The digital solution is the solution for you. Therefore, you can manage the drivers and the fleet with the advent of technology. Route planning, notification changes are some of the benefits. Furthermore, this platform will reduce the efforts, and endowing you with real-time changes will offer you flexibility.

Bottom Line!  

Nowadays, businesses are looking for an employee transport management system as we get back to the 9-5 grind. Moreover, companies with large workforces are willing to go digital to offer an excellent commuting experience to their employees.

Furthermore, this technology will keep you ahead of the pack in your industry. Well, Karunadu Services can be the silver lining to your dark cloud. We’ve got everything your business might be looking at at this point! So what are you waiting for? Join us and grasp the most impressive services ever.

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