Our Initiative to Improve Vehicle And Driver Safety in Post COVID

Our Initiative to Improve Vehicle And Driver Safety in Post COVID

In March 2020, the World Health Organization announced COVID-19 an overall pandemic. Nations acquainted general wellbeing measures with containing and decreasing its spread. These measures included terminations of Schools Colleges organizations, Nonessential Businesses, occasions, and exercises, just as working from and remaining at home necessities. These measures have prompted a slowdown in the economy of extraordinary extents. 

Karunadu cabs have taken the following precautionary measures at their workplace and in Vehicles to minimize the risk of contracting and spreading of COVID-19

Preventive measures followed by Karunadu cabs are

  1.  Maintaining good personal hygiene Performing hand cleanliness often, particularly before contacting mouth, nose, or eyes in the use of the washrooms in the wake of contacting public establishments, like, handrails or door handles; or when hands are polluted by respiratory discharge in the wake of coughing or sneezing.
  1.  Our Drivers will be Frequently cleaning the high touch surfaces in between trips such as door handles and internal handles of the Vehicle. All our vehicles will be completely sanitized with the disinfectant prior to the start of each and every trip.
  1.  Washing hands with fluid soaps and water, and rubbing for 20 seconds, after that drying with a dispensable paper towel. When the hands are cleaned, trying not to contact the water tap straightforwardly once more if we want to touch means we will use a paper towel to wrap the spigot before turning it off. On the off chance that hand washing offices are not accessible, or when hands are not obviously grimy, hand cleanliness with 70-80% liquor based hand rub is the other effective option.
  1. Checking body temperature regularly. Those with fever or respiratory manifestations or abrupt loss of taste/smell should abstain from work, wearing an N95 mask, avoiding going to crowded places, and look for clinical counsel instantly. 
  1. Avoid handshaking or physical contact with travelers and drivers are advised to self-access before starting their shift. The use of good quality masks is compulsory all the time at work.
  1.  We have advised our Staff to amaze their Meals time and keep social separation when having Meals.  Developing great body immunity by having reasonable eating resting, good exercise,  what’s more, satisfactory rest, not smoking, and maintain a strategic distance from liquor consumption.
  1.  Maintaining good ventilation We have given proper guidance to Cover their mouth and nose with tissue paper when wheezing or coughing. Arranging the paper tissues into a lidded disposal bin, at that point washing hands completely. Keep up great ventilation Ensuring the air condition is working admirably with adequate new air gracefully in the compartments.  Ensuring the air filter and ducting are cleaned consistently and kept up in great working condition consistently. 


We should not forget the saying Health is wealth whos ever life it may be drivers or Customers, Safety must be the first priority and we Karunadu cabs believe in that and implemented that and this is how we have taken a new initiative to improve vehicle and driver safety in post-COVID 19.

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