Safety Measures For Female Employee Transportation

Organizations recruit female workers who must travel for work to encourage diversity.

There were hazards to be avoided during the commute.

Technology is an excellent tool for making female employee commuting safer. In the past, incidents caused corporations to take steps to ensure the safety of female employees.

According to the data, the majority of occurrences occur during transportation, making it the primary emphasis area among other variables.

The usage of devices or software can aid in the improvement of safety measures.

This is accomplished by tracking and tracing movement, activities, and so on.

Once the person is no longer in danger, the same technology is used as a witness to the incident, and based on the observations, further improvements can be made to ensure that the incident does not happen again with other employees, or that if a situation does arise, there is a plan of action in place to deal with it effectively.

Karunadu services goes the extra mile to ensure your employees have a comfortable, safe, and hassle-free commute experience. Follow the below points to ensure a safe commute for your female employees.

1. Driver Screening & Training

At karunadu services, our clients are our number one priority. That is why we only hire the safest, most competent drivers possible. Our rigorous screening procedure assures that you are receiving a driver who has passed a criminal background check and has finished a lengthy safety training course. We maintain our word – we keep your personnel safe.

2. Ensures safety at drop location

Unless otherwise specified, these are primarily public areas.The biggest source of worry is in public settings.

This is addressed in two ways.

First, a CCTV camera is put (usually concealed) to help capture the occurrence.

Second, the corporation guarantees that the female employee is dropped off at her property or at the entrance gate, and the car drivers are told not to proceed until the woman has securely entered the house or complex.

3. Vehicles fixed with GPS devices 

Sometimes, when there is a breakdown or an unexpected event occurrence on the road.

This GPS device will help us access the location and reach us at time to rescue. It is either built into the vehicle during production or fitted by transportation services companies. It is a great help in unexpected circumstances.

4. Tech-Driven Innovation

We recognise that your employees are your most precious assets, and we go to great lengths to ensure their safety and security. Some of the technical improvements employed include CCTV cameras, GPS tracking, and digital logging.

By supplying us with real-time data on the buses and drivers, our software assists us in making sound business decisions. We can also monitor employee safety, community satisfaction, and possible cost savings. Real-time solutions for commuter buses have resulted in route customization specific to client demands, enhanced peak hour efficiency, the capacity to plan and implement instantaneous route adjustments, and a comprehensive head-to-head picture of competing traffic patterns.

5. In times of Unforeseen emergency

In the event of an emergency, organisations, vendors offering transportation services, or aggregator companies create and administer a list of hotline numbers. There are many degrees to which the complaint might be raised. The employees who manage these figures have been trained to handle any unanticipated events and have standard operating procedures in place to give the necessary assistance. 

Final thoughts

Employee safety in the transportation business necessitates a well-planned strategy as well as continuous review. We have 13+ years of experience in employee transportation and has learned many useful lessons that allow us to give the best end-to-end transportation solutions.

Karunadu services is dedicated to providing exceptional value to our clients through outstanding technology and seamless solutions. We invest in continuing education to modernise our business and serve you, from research and development to the current trends in our area.

If you have any queries, please reach out to us at we’d be pleased to assist you in finding the best cost-effective solution for your needs.

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