Top 5 Effective Ways to Solve Company Parking Problems

Top 5 Effective Ways to Solve Company Parking Problems

Transportation is one of the most pressing issues in a company with hundreds of employees. When an employee travels by personal vehicle, parking becomes a significant issue. Parking is a growing concern for cities and metropolitan areas in congested areas, particularly for business communities.

Employees are sometimes required to park their vehicles in paid parking lots, which adds to their expenses. In the long run, these factors may work against the company’s management. As a result, it is your responsibility as an employer to devise solutions to the parking problem and to improve the employee’s commute in general. Here are a few ideas that you can implement in your workplace.

How do we deal with parking problems within the company?

Is it difficult for your company to manage parking spaces on the job? Do your employees frequently struggle to find a parking space? Transportation is a significant issue that employees face at work. How your company handles parking issues affects employee satisfaction, costs, and overall environmental impact.

Maintaining and managing parking issues are a hot topic when discussing urban mobility. Companies have difficulty developing proper parking protocols for their employees to follow as more employees drive to work. Parking can be made more accessible by implementing proactive and intelligent management company parking policies. It will also make employees more accountable for their travel decisions.

Four common parking issues faced by employees

Company parking issues pose difficulties for management and the employees who work there. Managing employee parking needs can be costly if not addressed immediately and can result in the following cases.

  1. Limited space for unlimited cars

Property taxes and urban densification have compelled businesses to rent out limited parking spaces. However, changes in people’s work habits and erratic timings of coming in and leaving have made it challenging to manage the parking space efficiently. With the rise of digitalization, an online parking management solution can help to solve this problem.

2. Ineffective usage of the parking spot

How often have you thought there were no parking spaces when there were plenty? Open parking spaces only increase the company’s expenses. There must be a better way to inform the company of available and complete parking spaces in real-time.

3. Time wastage on the parking system

Employees with unclear roles and schedules can make parking management more difficult for businesses. Determining who has access to parking and under what conditions can save people time when they arrive for work. Allowing them to manage their parking slots daily can relieve the company’s significant burden.

4. Unstandardized management of parking lots

Is there a common and standardised way to manage the needs and movements of people if your company rents out multiple parking spaces daily? If you cannot develop an optimal solution for managing parking spaces, you will waste real estate, incur additional rental costs, and eventually lose employees.


Five solutions to company parking problems

Parking issues affect employees at all levels of the organisation. It is also their first experience before even joining your company. It is therefore critical to provide your employees with an affordable and convenient parking option, as this gives them the impression that they have some value within the company.

The good news is that managing employees’ commutes to and from work is now easier than ever before. The following solutions prioritise your freedom and convenience. Concentrate on your requirements and find the best solution to meet them.

Parking Management Automation

Companies must keep up with the times. As advanced technology takes over, businesses should implement a solid parking management system. It is the most efficient and cost-effective method of managing parking lots. An automated parking process will eventually reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

With Covid—19 requiring many employees to work from home, it is difficult to predict when they will physically arrive at the office. Employees can use this software to update their work position and notify the company about their designated parking space status. This fully automated method allows you to maximise the value of your parking spaces.

 Encourage different sources of transport

Encouraging employees to work in other ways appears to be a simple solution. On the other hand, companies find it challenging to persuade people to abandon their vehicles. One effective method is making them aware of the benefits of taking public transportation or carpooling. 

Your company can go above and beyond by providing unique transportation benefits. Purchasing transit passes, for example, can make travelling by public transportation easier for your employees. This behavioural shift will encourage people to use similar modes of transportation outside their daily commute.

Motivate people who are hesitant to use public transportation to switch to carpooling. Carpooling also relieves the company of the burden of finding well-equipped parking facilities. 

  • Reduces commuting costs
  • Saves expenditure on fuel
  • Reduces taxi traffic on the road
  • Keeps carbon emissions in check

Introduce parking charges for employees

In layman’s terms, your employees must pay to park at work. This method may appear draconian, but it is the most effective way to reduce automobile reliance while conserving the environment. You can begin with a parking program in which employees receive a set number of free parking days per month.

You can also give employees parking credit as an additional incentive. Many companies, such as KPMG and Renault, pay their employees or encourage their customers to leave their cars at home. Employers have discovered that paying employees not to drive is less expensive than paying for parking spaces.

Hire a car rental Service provider

Another great way to avoid parking issues is to prohibit employees from driving to work. Instead, your company could collaborate with car rental companies such as Uber or Lyft. The car rental Service will handle your employees’ transportation. Your company will save money by not having to rent parking spaces.

Rent extra parking spaces when needed

With companies returning employees to offices after a long hiatus due to Covid, parking lots are frequently total. Your business can search for additional parking spaces to rent to accommodate more vehicles.

  • Car parks: Employers can inquire about available parking spaces at a nearby local car park. Most parking lots have plenty of room for cars. The operator may agree to a long-term rental agreement and provide you with a discount. Short-term plans, whether weekly or daily, are also available.
  • Community groups: Community groups make the most of an opportunity to generate additional revenue. Because they work primarily on weekends or evenings, their spaces are suitable for external parking rental.


There is an immediate reduction in stress levels because they no longer have to worry about taking public transportation or driving their car to work. This directly translates to improved performance at work.

Because they now have the time and space to use the laptop for emergency assignments, your employees can get a head start on their day.

Employee performance improvement directly translates to the company performing well and doing good business. Employee transportation benefits are one of the top benefits employees expect from their employer and are thus crucial for your company’s reputation.


Remove the parking problem

Get rid of the parking problem, improve the working dynamic of your team, and become a more environmentally conscious company.

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