Top 6 Reasons To Offer An Employee Transportation Services

Top 6 Reasons To Offer An Employee Transportation Services

Employee Shuttle & Corporate Transportation Services

The daily office commute has become a national issue. While technology has brought the world together, people still find it difficult to travel to and from work daily. There were overcrowded buses, suffocating compartments, sweaty weather, and slow to non-existent traffic! Getting through all of this and still arriving at work fresh and cheerful is difficult. Furthermore, it is challenging to begin working almost immediately after arriving at the office after a long journey. This is one of the reasons businesses have started to provide dedicated shuttle services for their employees.

Providing employee transportation services has its practical advantages. Typically, they begin with easily accessible landmarks such as bus stops, where employees are likely to congregate for pickup. Employees are picked up from the designated landmark and dropped off at the exact location after work. A convenient option for employees because it relieves stress. Both employees and companies recognize the benefits, and shuttle services have become commonplace.

 The environmental benefits are obvious:

  • Fewer cars burning fuel
  • More parking spaces in lots
  • Less congestion on the streets

According to research, driving through traffic has been linked to ailments such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, and depression.

Top 6 Reasons To Offer An Employee Transportation Services  

One of the most common sources of employee dissatisfaction is the amount of time spent commuting to work. Most employees would prefer to telecommute rather than deal with traffic and long hours of pointless driving every day. Cab companies should encourage businesses to provide employee transportation services. This has several advantages. Here are a few examples:

1: Employee Well-Being and Productivity

Most shuttles pick up and drop off employees outside significant bus terminals, metros, and other transportation hubs. Some shuttle services will even pick up and drop off employees right at their door. Providing such a shuttle reduces the employee’s travel stress. They avoid driving through traffic, missing work and health claims, and being late for work due to unexpected traffic jams. Shuttles also allow employees to prepare for the day ahead at the office. They can unwind, check their emails, plan their day, read the news, and rest for a while. This preparatory stage will allow them to transition to work mode much faster once they arrive at the office, which would not be possible otherwise.

2: Punctuality

People are frequently delayed getting to work due to peak hour traffic. Furthermore, driving through traffic and waiting for signals can drive you insane at times. Delays at traffic lights and missing and arriving late to work impact work schedules and deadlines. Shuttles save employees from driving in traffic and allow them to make better use of their time. Employees who use shuttle service have an easier time getting to work on time. Employees are more motivated to work as a result of this. There is increased energy and a strong sense of teamwork within the team.

3: Cost Savings

Commuters spend a significant portion of their earnings traveling to and from work. They commute for 20% of their income and at least two hours each day. Providing employee transportation services would lower the costs and improve employee transportation management. Shuttles are less expensive solutions that can travel further. It is less costly for the employer than cab substitutes and reimbursements. In addition, the parking space rent is reduced. The employer pays for the parking facility used by employees at the office. Providing shuttles means fewer employee vehicles and thus lower parking rents.

4: Reputation

The introduction of a company shuttle is a major draw for prospective employees. In addition to the salary package, other factors considered when looking for work include mode of transportation, distance traveled, timing, etc. In other words, they believe the distance between the office and their place of residence and the time required to travel. If the company offers a shuttle service, the prospective employee can feel more comfortable about the daily commute. Even if the potential employee’s commute is somewhat longer than planned, the likelihood of losing an amazing, brilliant person is decreased. Employees benefit from having a commuting option because it saves them money on vehicle and fuel costs. Furthermore, the organization becomes a ‘great’ place to work, concerned with its employees’ well-being and convenience.

5: Stronger Bond

Working in a team is difficult in these competitive times. Workloads are heavy, and deadlines must be met. Allowing teammates to spend some casual time together is one of the best ways to keep a team healthy. Traveling together can be an excellent way to promote interaction among coworkers. It encourages team spirit by allowing employees to know one another better. They are more connected because they spend time away from work. This will foster them to form a bond that promotes teamwork.

6: Environmental Benefits

The environmental advantages of a shuttle service are enormous. For example, suppose there are a hundred employees in an office, and all drive to work in their vehicles. This means that there will be more air pollution. According to statistics, private vehicles account for 60% of carbon dioxide emissions, while buses account for 20% of emissions. As a result, using shuttle services is more advantageous because it contributes less to pollution.

How Can An Employee Shuttle Service Company Be a Great Solution For Corporate Employee Transportation ?     

In today’s fast-paced technological world, almost every professional prefers to use a mobile-based application for tasks ranging from hailing a cab to shopping for their daily necessities.

Ola and Lyft, for example, have introduced mobile-based applications for providing corporate transportation services to and from people’s workplaces. They are, however, a more generalized platform.

For example, they may only offer shuttles to a certain point and not necessarily to the workplace’s front door. Employees’ dedicated corporate shuttle service may deliver a more customized experience and a higher return on your tailored staff transport services. 

Wrapping Up!  

Metropolitan cities are always in a state of rush and chaos. Employees struggle every day to catch public transportation or get someone to agree to ride them to work, resulting in constant worry in their heads and ultimately hampering your company’s goals.

As previously stated, Karunadu Service’s, provides best employee transportation services that can benefit a business. Technology can be instrumental in running a successful shuttle service if your company wants to launch a dedicated shuttle service for its employees. Check out Karunadu Service’s various employee transportation services now.

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