What Are the Important Policies for Employee Transportation Services

What Are the Important Policies for Employee Transportation Services

An organization has specific transportation policies for their employees to make them feel safe and secure while they travel to their offices from their homes. It’s extremely important for those who work late or early shifts. Every company wants to create a better organization, so they create specific policies to make things go smoothly.

In this article, we are talking about what employee transportation service policies are. If you are an employee and commute to your office every day, this article is for you.

Transportation Policy To Enhance Workflow

Employees who are working in shifts must use the transport facility of the organization to maintain schedule continuity and work timelines. Companies that provide transportation services make sure that the position is not vacant at the office.

If any employee wishes to avail themselves of the transportation facility, they must reach out to the transportation management team to register themselves. As the transport facility is dependent upon factors like availability, situation, and criticality, it is optional for the transport management team to approve your request.

If the transport management team approves your request, here are a few things to be aware of: Firstly, all the information regarding pick-up and drop-off locations, timings, vehicle type, etc. is available to the transport management team. So, the employee has to discuss all the information with the management team.

When you are ready to use the transportation service, notify the transport team two days in advance of the address change so that the necessary changes can be made at the transport office.

Safety Policy for Women’s Safety

Females must use the company’s transportation facility for security and safety, especially for females who work late, early, or night shifts. Moreover, it is a rule that if there is a female employee who opts for the transportation service, A female employee is to be picked up last or dropped off first, whereas the male employee has to be the first person to be picked up and the last person to be dropped off on every route where the company’s taxi operates. However, if, in any case, the above arrangement is not possible for whatever reason, a male security person has to accompany the cab.

Policy regarding loss or damage

Suppose you are traveling with the company’s transport facility. In that case, the company is not responsible for any loss or damage to employees’ belongings while traveling.

Policies While Employees Are Traveling

When you are traveling with the company’s offered vehicle. Here are a few things that you must keep in mind.

1. All employees are expected to carry their ID cards while traveling in company-provided cabs for security reasons.

2. Employees cannot change the cab route while commuting to and from the office at any cost, or stop the cab for any personal errands.

3. Employees are expected to behave cordially with drivers and security personnel and avoid discussing their work, personal lives, politics, etc., or having arguments with them at all times. 

4. Employees are expected to maintain cleanliness in the cab and personal hygiene. They must not cause any damage to the taxi they are traveling with.

5. If you are facing any problem with the driver or security personnel, you must inform the transport management team directly.

6. Employees must also inform the transport management immediately of any vehicle breakdown, tyre puncture, etc., to make alternate arrangements. Employees must safely be seated inside the vehicle until new appointments are made.

Policies Regarding Route and Time Change

There are certain policies for the transport team when there is any route change or delay in timing that must be followed. 

1. The concerned team management must be informed of any change in route due to strikes, bandhs, road repairs, etc.

2. The transport team will also inform impacted employees of any change in route due to strikes, bandhs, road repairs, vehicle repairs, emergencies, etc., at least one hour before pickup or drop-off time.

Special Circumstances And Exceptions Policy

Sometimes there are circumstances where orders come from other officials regarding the transport department, such as the following:

1. Any deviation from this policy has to be approved by HR. Any policy changes must be approved by authorities while adhering to legal requirements.

 2. If employees or the authority are seen to be not abiding by the policies of the company, they might get terminated from the job.


If you are in the organization, you must abide by its rules of it. Not only that, you should know how companies operate their systems. Here, we have shown you the common and important policies that you should be aware of when you opt to use the transportation facility of any organization.

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