Why Should You Choose EV Cabs for Corporate Travel?

Corporate travel plays a vital role in business, enabling professionals to attend meetings, conferences, and other work-related events. Companies increasingly prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility and actively seek transportation options that align with these values. Electric Vehicle (EV) Cabs from Karunadu Services are the way to go if you’re seeking a superior choice for your corporate travel. They offer numerous advantages over conventional fuel-based vehicles. This blog post explores why EV Cabs are ideal for your corporate travel requirements.

Are EV Cabs the Right Choice for Your Corporate Travel?

Yes, EV cabs are the right choice for your corporate travel because, EV Cabs offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution for corporate travel, reducing carbon emissions and providing a reliable transportation option.

Enhanced Environmental Friendliness

EV Cabs are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuel-driven cars. By choosing EV Cabs, you contribute to reducing carbon emissions and air pollution. As companies increasingly prioritize sustainability, opting for EV Cabs demonstrates your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Cost Savings and Reduced Maintenance

Pros: No fuel, enhanced safety, environment-friendly, future-oriented. Electric cars are more cost-effective to maintain than their fuel-powered counterparts as their machinery is more straightforward and less complex.

Cons: The expansion of infrastructure to facilitate seamless operations, along with the higher cost of the vehicles, contributes to the evolving landscape of electric mobility. Additionally, customers may encounter an approximate waiting period of 60 days for sedan segments and 180 days for bus segments when placing orders for vehicle delivery.

Electric vehicle (EV) taxis provide significant cost-saving advantages over time, making them a practical and economical choice. Although the upfront Cost of buying an EV cab may be more expensive, its decreased maintenance needs and lower fuel costs ultimately make it a financially wise decision. Electric vehicles necessitate fewer repairs and replacements due to their reduced amount of moving parts.

Question: What are the advantages of EV Cabs for your corporate travel requirements?Answer: EV Cabs provide several compelling advantages, making them a smart choice for corporate travel.

Safety and Comfort

EV Cabs prioritize safety with advanced features such as reinforced structures, multiple airbags, and robust braking systems. They provide a comfortable and quiet ride, minimizing noise pollution and creating a pleasant travel experience for corporate travelers.

Future-Oriented Solution

As the world progressively embraces a greener future, EV cabs emerge as a visionary and proactive solution, exemplifying a forward-thinking approach to sustainable transportation. By adopting EV Cabs for corporate travel, your company is committed to staying ahead of the curve and embracing sustainable transportation practices.

Understanding the Limitations of EV Cabs for Corporate Travel

Question: What are the limitations when opting for EV Cabs for corporate travel?

Answer: While electric vehicle (EV) taxis offer a wide array of benefits, it is important to recognize and comprehend the inherent constraints they possess

Longer Delivery Time for Vehicles

The demand for EV Cabs has increased, resulting in a waiting period for vehicle delivery. On average, the waiting period for sedan segments is around 60 days, while bus segments can take up to 180 days. Proper planning and coordination are necessary to accommodate this waiting period.

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  • Existing sedan electric cars such as the Tata Tigor and e-Verito typically offer an average range of 100 to 120 km per charge. Standard charging requires a minimum of 8 hours, while fast charging takes around 2 hours. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that frequent utilization of rapid charging can potentially lead to a decrease in the overall longevity of the battery.
  • In the case of electric buses with a seating capacity of 40, they can cover approximately 160 to 200 km on a single charge. Standard charging typically takes a minimum of 6 hours, while fast charging can be completed in about 2 hours. Similar to electric cars, continuous fast charging may have implications for the overall battery durability.
  • The availability of charging infrastructure is still developing and may pose challenges in some areas. It is crucial to plan and ensure that charging stations are accessible throughout your corporate travel routes.


Choosing EV Cabs for corporate travel offers numerous benefits, including environmental friendliness, cost savings, enhanced safety, and future-oriented solutions. By opting for EV Cabs, you align your company with sustainable practices and contribute to a greener world. While there are limitations, such as charging infrastructure and delivery time, proper planning and coordination can overcome these challenges. Embrace the future of transportation with EV Cabs for your corporate travel needs.

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